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Knight Park is a great place to walk around. It’s a large triangle of land with paved paths all the way around.

Local families raised funds to cover the cost of obtaining and installing two adaptive communication boards at the playground. For Lindsey Ferguson, mother of four-year-old twin boys Elliot and Niall, the board represents the culmination of her efforts to champion accessibility in her town. Read this first!

The Playground

A playground and sports fields are just part of this 70-acre jewel. It’s a popular place for families and children to run around and get some fresh air. They even have a separate fenced-in area for the younger kids.

There are also a lot of imagination-sparking structures like castles, a dragon, a chariot, a car wash, and more! Plus, there are a few special features for kids with disabilities too.

Lindsey Ferguson, the mother of twin boys with autism, spotted the new addition in Knight Park this week: a brightly colored board with arrays of words and symbols that non-verbal children can use to communicate.

The park is a popular spot for soccer, Little League, and other sports. And if you want to enjoy the scenery and wildlife, the trails are also well maintained. The inner road is closed to vehicular traffic on Sundays so it’s a great place for a relaxing walk. The borough has a lot of events and activities going on at the park throughout the year.

The Restrooms

The park has several fields and playgrounds that are open to the public. They are surrounded by walking trails, a large lake, and the Knight Park house. There are also restrooms located nearby. The bathrooms are clean and well-maintained.

The house is owned by the Trustees of Knight Park, who have restored it since 2010. It was donated in 1893 by Edward C. Knight, who also donated the land that makes up the 60-acre park. The six-room house serves as a museum and community meeting place, with a wraparound porch and a decorative rooftop viewing platform called a belvedere.

The borough’s top-ranking schools, including the prestigious Zane North Elementary School, are a short walk away from the park and many of Collingswood’s best restaurants and bars are on Haddon Avenue two blocks from the triangle of green space. The neighborhood is also becoming increasingly popular for young families with the addition of modern apartment communities near the thriving downtown shopping area. Explore more!

The Trails

The triangular park’s walking paths wind around a pond and through several sports fields and a playground. It’s a popular place for exercise, family picnics, and hobby fishing. The neighborhood has long-standing brick colonials and new apartment communities, but a variety of restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops give it a lively feel.

Collingswood residents are passionate about historic preservation, but they also want more opportunities to get outside and have fun. The borough’s limited amount of open space has led to a number of interested groups competing for space, making it difficult to find common ground.

Sean O’Donnell passed the Victorian-era Knight Park House on his way to Collingswood High School, but he didn’t set foot in it until he became its resident caretaker and restorer in 2020. The job offers him a chance to “live in history” while donating his labor to the nonprofit Knight Park Trustee Board of Trustees. He’s the third resident caretaker-restorer since Proud Neighbors of Collingswood began funding restoration in 2010. He’s working to bring back the house as it was when Mr. Knight donated it to the community.

The Lake

The park’s lake is a picturesque place for children to swim or wade in its cool waters. It’s also a popular spot for fishing and bird watching.

The playground features multiple imagination-sparking structures like castles, a dragon, a chariot, and a car wash. There are also swings for all ages. A horse-themed see-saw and a roundabout make for an interesting alternative to traditional swings.

Another great feature of this park is an interactive picture board for non-verbal kids. It’s a great way for them to communicate with others, and it can help improve their social skills.

Collingswood NJ is a charming town with plenty of natural and rural attractions to enjoy. In addition to the Knight Park Playground, you can visit the Simeone Museum and go on a Turkey Hill Experience tour. You can also grab some southern Italian food at a local restaurant. As a suburb just 5 miles from Philadelphia, you can’t go wrong with this Camden County borough. Refer to This Web Page.



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